Elyuxen Scholarship Test

Elyuxen Scholarship Test a.k.a EST is a career scholarship test especially for students who are working with Elyuxen. Elyuxen Scholarship Test will be conducted in the month of April in Hyderabad on Sunday or holiday. The main motive of EST is to make students think out of the box and also to help them financially for higher studies. Facebook

Exam Pattern: 

180 questions, each question carries 1 mark.  (300 marks) ( Maximum of 3 hours – You can leave at anytime if you want to leave.)

  • General knowledge (30 questions) (Mostly from the news, we publish)
  • Social awareness (30 questions)
  • Personality development (30 questions)
  • Psychological (30 questions)
  • Aptitude and reasoning (30 questions)
  • Drawing (30 marks)
  • Story writing (30 marks) . Other categories will be updated a week before Elyuxen Scholarship Test

Eligibility: Elyuxen Interns. Read more

How to apply/register for Elyuxen Scholarship Test: Click here

Application fee: 50/- INR

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Can Graduates and working professional register?

This is exclusively for students. Applications of Graduates and Working professionals are rejected automatically.

2.What is duration of Internship?

8 months. Even if you join in the month of March and if you can complete targets, you can write exam. But Intern should ensure that he/she will continue for 7 months. Even if you are in final year, you can contribute by writing editorials for next 7 months.

3.Can i get working experience certificate and Writing Certificate?

Yes! But Experience certificate or Writing certificate will be given to those who complete targets and work for a minimum working period of 8 months.

4.Do we need to pay Application fee for EST?

Yes. An application fee of 50/- is collected from Interns.

5.Can my Friend/Subscriber write EST?

No. Only Elyuxen interns can write this test.

6.Can Previous year Interns write EST?

Yes. If you complete a working period of 8 months and have reached the targets set, then you can attempt this test for a maximum of 3 times.

7.What if we fail to reach targets set for EST (Elyuxen scholarship Test)?

You are not eligible to write EST (Elyuxen scholarship Test). But your working experience certificate and Intern incentives will be given.